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out to the west. this is where the fog is the thickest in culpeper and orange, quarter mile. shenandoah valley not so bad in winchester but hagerstown, martinsburg a quarter mile, too. cumberland less than two mile and a quarter mile in easton for our friends in the eastern shore and denton fog, as well. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-50s north and west. low 80s here in town and 64 in southern maryland. bill in new last depend 82. -- newland, 62. high today of 83. it is 4 will be 30. -- 4:30. people maybe groggy staying up late watching football. 95 northbound looking good from dumfries to the mixing bowl. 395 right now nice and quiet. all lanes are wide open northbound and southbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge will where you have to watch for a traffic pattern and you should be fine. let's go out to inbound new york avenue in dc for folks heading to work a little early this morning. everything is in good shape. same on route 4, route 5 and the crane highway. and same story in maryland, outer loop is looking good from 95 to georgia. let's send it back tonn
zero. quarter mile in culpeper. we're sitting at ten. temperatures as cool as 48 in parkersburg and we are 84 in petersburg -- should have said parkersburg. and 68 here in town. >>> getting in to town 88 to the live camera out there. coming from that part of virginia in to dc. volume is picking up. good morning on the outer loop we are seeing volume building between university and georgia by all lanes remain open. route 4, route 5 and 30 in maryland lacking good no incidents or accidents to report. an in dc inbound new york avenue is filling out between bladensburg and the times building. >>> here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama heads to fairfax, virginia this afternoon he will meet with a family there. he will lead a discussion on the economy. the man accused of trying to employee up an international flight last christmas goes back to court. a judge is expected to set a trial date. defense lawyers are trying to reach a plea feel. >>> a new traffic pattern is in place on the 14th street bridge. the left most lane is closed. this is part of ongoing work o
, the entire metro region, southern maryland, culpeper, up to pennsylvania, the northern neck, all under flood warnings at this hour. many of these go through mid afternoon and may be extended beyond that because there's more rain out there. tracking live doppler 9000 hd in is chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> thank you, hb. we are not done yet. you have to go back to floyd to see the totals east of town and some of us that remember agnes in ' 72 where we had a foot of rain across the area. start with live doppler and talk about the totals. the bull's eye has been east of town. eight inches to the south. ten inches, unbelievable totals even inland a little bit we are talking five and three inches. everyone has received at least two or three inches of rain with this system. and as howard said we are not done yet. we have individual totals. 11.5 inches of rain in park hall in southern maryland and we are looking at 8.25 inches in california, saint mary's county and 7.5 in mechanicsville. so this has been the bull's eye today. the western shores of the bay and points east of town. still some h
. culpeper at 70. we are 78. air quality is code yellow. mostly cloudy and 88 at noon. 87 for the drive home. around 90, which is cooler than the last few days and a slight chance of a shower with a front this evening. the weekend forecast is coming up in ten minutes. right now it is traffic time. >>> good morning, everybody. right now already dealing with the first accident of the morning and it comes from virginia. southbound 95. watch for it at backlick road. we are losing two left lanes going northbound you are okay. continuing on to 3 t 5 northbound, everything is nice and clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we are tracking 66 eastbound. no problems to report out this way through mass transit to inside this -- manassas to the beltway. north of the district from georgia avenue, continuing in to virginia crossing the american legion bridge and wrapping up with southbound 95 an the bw parkway, smooth sailing for those traveling out of the baltimore area past 198 toward powder mill and beyond. >>> hurricane earl is heading up the east coast. right now it is a category two stor
suburbs we had a range of temperatures. dulles is 83. now manassas 82. culpeper is holding on to that 90-degree reading. fredericksburg 87. for tomorrow it looks like we will warm up area wide just a little bit more. just about everybody, with the exception of being around the water will be around 90 degrees like culpeper is right now and i think we will see a couple of 91s and 92s. this evening, so nice. 81 degrees at 7. 75 with fair skies at 9:00 and just in the lower 70s in town at 11:00. but again, out in the suburbs, later on this evening, the temperature will quickly drop to the 60s. if you want to leave the windows open and spare you a little air conditioning, it will be nice and comfortable later this evening. tomorrow we will be getting warmer. now, listen. the storm track is to the north of us. clouds have been to the north of us. any chance of rain has been to the north of us and we are living large under high pressure and load loads of sunshine and again temperatures in the 80s. and again, even as we warm up the next couple of days, after tomorrow. it will be nice. latter par
with the front and that will set us up for a nice weekend. looking at the temperatures in the low 50s culpeper and manassas at 52 to 4 here in -- 64 here in town. 50 in stanton. they were down to 48, 49 an hour or so ago. mid-50s in the shenandoah rally. and leesburg 57. a few clouds mixing in with the stars. fist quarter moon. winds are calm and the humidity is 70%. we are looking at another storm, karl down in the caribbean heading to the yucatan as a tropical storm and going to mexico, south of tamm peek coe maybe as a hurricane in the next few days. the northwest flow with the showers to the north and quiet weather for us. high pressure in southern ohio. that will build in for today. we are in fine shape and we will watch it control the weather through the day. maybe a passing cloud or two. by thursday a big system pulls out of the midwest but the heart is moving north of us rather than south of us if we are on the knot side we get more rain. by friday morning, there's the front still to the west. can't rule out another passing shower on early friday but friday in the morning will be the b
with the hot weather and lack of rain, culpeper is asking residents to reduce their water use. it's been a tough summer. it is now fall but feeling like summer. we are confused around here. do it before it becomes mandatory and drought or no drought take a broom to the driveway, don't waste water. kind of silly. little exercise, too. the forecast the next three days going in the right direction. we will go down slowly. upper 80s tomorrow which is quite warm. we will be talking about that if with weren't 99 today. slight chance of a shower nod not affect the game. and much cooler air on sunday. low 70s. wow! and maybe a shower, maybe some drizzle by evening, a lot of clouds an the best chance of rain and showers and storms will be on monday. temperatures will struggle to get to 80. probably won't make it. break down tomorrow. the better of the two days in terms of the weekend. 74, slight chance of aspiring until the morning. upper 60s to start the this suburbs. 80 by lynch time and 87 by evening and slight chance of a sprinkle. a weak, weak cold front rolls through tomorrow. and same old
. unbelievable and we broke a record at martinsburg of 95; charlottesville, 93 and culpeper. let's look at true view and we have 78 at dulles; 72, frederick and 84 degrees at fredericksburg and we have clouds moving in and to the south, we're seeing, to true view, please and we're going to see the clouds and there is going to be some rain and that does not want to go? all right, let's go to the maps then and this is the frontal system that is going to move to the south across our area and this is going to stall out and we're going to end up seeing rain moving in ahead of it and as we go to that weather map, we're talking about the things in the tropics. we have a tropical storm andal a -- also a tropical depression to talk about and we have matthew that is going to dissipate the next few days and there is a look at matthew for you and desoperating the next two to three days and that is go to cause a lot of torrential rainfall and lisa in the north atlantic, not doing anything and no warnings and watches for any areas of land and that is some good news. the frontal system is stalling out and coo
quarter of a mile and some toward culpeper at a mile and a half. we could be having a few issues the next hour. i will warm up quickly. by noon pushing 90. and 93 for the drive home. southwest winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour and those will likely be record highs in many areas as the records from 1970 are 94 washington. 92 cull dulles and t 6 up in martinsburg. we don't have long-term climating to on those. can't say what the records are there but other local records are likely to fall. partly cloudy tonight. a front comes toward morning and cube an isolated shower in the mountains. lows mid-60s to low 70s. 7:02 on the sunset. stray afternoon shower south of washington. well south of washington. highs 85. southern maryland, northern neck a. 73 right now here in town. 66 across the bay in easton. 68 in winchester with the fog. gait persburg is 68 and fredericksburg is holding on to 70 degrees. locally a lot of 60s to 70s with fairfax the warm spot at 73 right now. and even columbia they are at 70. it is a warm, muggy morning. dew.at 70. winds are calm. nothing is mixed up and that's why th
there, we will go to the 90s in many areas. there's the visibles down to 2 1/2 in culpeper and manassas. as you go knot and east of town this is where things get bad in gaithersburg. baltimore is down to an 8th. quarter mile at andrews. over to cambridge, back over to parts of delaware dealing with the fog. shenandoah valley looking good. also south of washington an southern many many looking okay. temperature-wise we warm from the upper 70s at 9:00 to the 90- degree mark here in washington. and 93 for the drive home. today's highs t 2 -- 92 to 97. the record high is 94. could see an isolated shower and that's for the mountains. mid-60s to low 70s by saturday morning. southwest winds will turn west northwesterly behind the front. just a chance of a stray shower well south of town. southern maryland, northern neck, fredericksburg, richmond, you have got that chance of a shower in the afternoon. cooler with highs of 85 and cooler on sunday. we will be in the 70s. this morning, it is fairly quiet. a few high clouds in pennsylvania and northern maryland passing through the region and temper
's a zero in culpeper. that's a zero in orange. spreading to manassas now. the airport there reporting quarter mile visibility. winchester you were four miles last hour. what happened? you have down a half mile. this area we have to watch and also watching easton to denton, too. looking at the day at a glance, mostly cloudy at 9:00, upper 60s. we will burn off the fog and low clouds. 77 at noon. 81 at 5:00 and then the clouds we have this morning giving us the temperature in the 80s. 50s out west. the momslikeme.com bus stop forecast, clouds with patchy fog west. 50s and 60s. you might even need a little sweat jacket or something out to culpeper or the shenandoah valley. sun is up at 6:48 here in washington. this afternoon, becoming partly toes many ms. and low 80s. if we get the clouds our early we will be closer to 85. low clouds could hang a little bit. west winds five to 15. tonight, partly cloudy and cool. 58 to 64. 7:20 on the sunset. we have 50s in gaithersburg. 58 baltimore. and 60 in columbia and arlington. springfield 61. ft. belvoir 60. sterling and reston and manassas upper
are warmer out west. seven night in culpeper. camp springs, 73. it is going to be breezy today. a cold front is pushing through the region today. the showers will quickly clear on out and we will have sunshine today. it will be breezy behind this cold front. some gusts may be up to 30 miles per hour. the real hot air will slowly be pushed eastward and we will have cooler conditions over the next several days. near 90 today. less humid tomorrow, near 80 degrees. upper 70's in spots. now we look at the traffic. we will call today wacky traffic wednesday. >> do not do that. dole in the direction you're supposed to because we have no disruptions. 95 is in good shape. nothing on 66. quickly we jump to the camera of traffic on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. beautiful. >>> very good. thank you. >>> he is on his white and then he is needed here to win. the albert haynesworth saga gets more convoluted. tim brant goes through it. hookups today at 4:00 p.m. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does
and culpeper county pushing off to the east. temperatures are for the most part in the 70's. you can see cloud cover over the metro area. there is a cold front moving in along with those isolated and light showers. we are on our way to near 90 this afternoon again. it will be breezy with less wins. cooler tomorrow and near a peak with sunshine. >>> we have an accident on the dulles toll road eastbound after the toll plaza but before the exit for 495. there is a crash right after you come out of the toll plaza before the public and the car wreck is in the bright light. traffic delays begin before route 7. 355 at 75 has a crash and that should be out of the way. here is the volume live in the geico camera at university boulevard. all in all, not that bad. >>> 7 1 degrees outside. >> coming up, picking a replacement for white house staff. some names in contention. >> plus, ranking booster seat safety. we have a brand new test results. >> we have the latest on that breaking barricade situation out of southwest. we will be the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, hous
. yesterday, we hit 80. today, forecasting a high of 90 in washington. look at culpeper, fredericksburg. a little cooler on the bay, temperatures there holding in the mid to upper 80s. looking at today at a glance. low 80s at noon. 89 for the drive home and we may see in a couple of spots if you're lucky a much-needed rain-making thundershower. it's 4:31. angie take it away. >> dealing with some construction early on. south capitol street at the douglas bridge until about 5:00 you're only going to be down to one lane in both directions. that's ongoing construction that will be with us for weeks to come. >> we're looking at a one hour drive getting out of fredericksburg making your way out of i-95 and 395. 395 is our next stop. no problems from the beltway over towards duke street. 495 in maryland and your drive is moving at speed making your way in towards virginia and we're going to end with inbound new york avenue nice and quiet commute this morning towards the 3rd street tunnel. >>> investigators are searching for answers after a woman is found dead on her doorstep. as brittany mor
gaithersburg. 54 culpeper. southern maryland in the upper 50s to the 80s. 9 future cast shows a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. one or two clouds like we did midday to the afternoon just like yesterday. as we go to the weekend the cloud cover is starting to build in saturday late in the day. overnight early-morning hours, could see 1:00 or 2:00 this in the morning first sign of the showers and then we get showers here. if you have morning plans on send you have to watch it. you will need the rain gear. evening hours things clear out and looking beautiful as we do to the evening forecast on sunday. i think there's 90,000 people who want things to be free and clear on sunday night. you are going to get it. temperatures in in the mid-70s. maybe a degree or two past the 70-degree mark. temperatures overnight in the lower 50s and near 80 as we go in to saturday. zone forecast, way out west, it's cooler oakland. cumberland mid-60s to mid-70s. seven-day forecast, the morning rain to contend with on sunday but it is out of here as soon as the noon hour on sunday afternoon. angie? >> thank you, d
of the cool spot salisbury at 65. we've got 64 in winchester and culpeper, cumberland 63 while fredericksburg 75 degrees. here in washington 76 degrees under clear skies. dew points in the 60s. humidity 64%. look at the wind only southwest at 3 miles per hour so barely detectable. high pressure is in control so a mild start. a clear start. a dry start. you see what's off to the west though approaching chicago this morning. if you have a flight to chicago this morning call ahead there could be delays likely with this weather moving in from iowa and wisconsin. around here we've got a hurricane watch now. hurricane earl from surf city, north carolina up to parramore island in southern virginia. coastline virginia. they're in a hurricane watch. if i said warning i meant watch. they may go tie warning later on. tropical satellite, this is earl. these are the bahamas. this is florida. earl still churning away. it's weakened a little bit. winds at 125. last night they were 135 miles per hour. still a category 3 storm and a little over 1,000 miles from ocean city, maryland. as we go in nimo 4:00 thi
and culpeper 63. locally columbia 69. 6 from krofton. 71 in brandywine. fairfax at 73. rockville 69. fairfax county got the 71 in springfield and sterling and leesburg at 67. reagan national, 76 now. clear skies, winds are fairly light. in fact they're calm and the barometer coming down a little bit at 30.07. what we have will help a lot. this front is coming through causing flight delays and over towards massachusetts and other areas in the midwest but as that front comes through it's going to be the kicker if you will. high pressure has been sitting here but the front coming through will help push this away. still hurricane watch in effect from surf city up to parramore islands there's earl with winds 120 miles an hour. it's going to track real close to the carolina coast late tomorrow night and pass our beaches during the morning and midday hours on friday. even ocean city could have winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour with heavy surf on friday. weekend looks better. look at the seven day. 92 tomorrow. 88 friday. slim chance of a shower. better chance southern. weekend saturday, sunday low 8
. 83 cambridge. 61 culpeper, manassas, martinsburg in the 50s along with cumberland and petersburg. hagerstown 67. national is coming in at 70. dew point 61. a few clouds out there. we will call it partly cloudy and the winds south at ten. that is a warmer, more humid breeze than we had the last couple of days and over the weekend. you see a front in the middle of the country with the cooler air behind it. it is in the 30s in casper, wyoming this morning. ahead of it the warm southerly flow continues and that low pressure is bringing all sorts of showers in to minnesota through the great lakes and that's the front that we will watch that comes through tomorrow. in texas, this is hermine and look at the center of circulation as it is coming from the north northwest. winds 50 miles an hour. hermine will move on shore and continue the clip through texas and oklahoma by wednesday night, thursday morning and then we will watch while some of the moisture not get in to this front, which is during the day tomorrow but perhaps by sunday. same one or two showers are possible here in the afte
. culpeper, 48 degrees. yesterday, comfortable day. 81 the high temperature. that is average for this time of year. the average high is 98. we have an extreme drought going on in parts of our region. the drought monitor was updated. we need rain. it has been 18 days. looks like by sunday morning, late saturday night through sunday midday, we could pick up a few scattered showers, maybe up to .25 of an inch. >> we're looking at springfield, 95 southbound. lots of construction on the interstate southbound overnight. lots of construction in newington. you should find construction being cleared up. the beltway in tysons being cleared away and you should now find traffic getting by on i-66. let's go to maryland now and take a look at the situation we had on university boulevard. a utility pole was knocked down by a car in the early morning cars. one lane gets by on university. westbound all lanes open. >> thanks so much. 4:54 is the time. 60 degrees outside. >> it is friday. >> yes, we made it. >> joaquin phoenix stars in "i'm still here b about his decision to quit acting. shot and directed by
culpeper. nice day. the clouds will thicken quicker if you are west of town. upper 70s for leesburg and manassas. downtown not quite 80. still a nice day. 77 gaithersburg, upper 70s at andrews. no winds to speak of tomorrow. no advisories for the bay or tidal potomac. upper 70s tomorrow. clouds come in. 75 on sunday. again, most of the showers in the morning and early afternoon and looks very light at this point. like less than a tenth of an inch. not going to do much good in terms of the fire danger. and then we clear out again on monday. temperatures around 80 and great in the 70s on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> sounds good. >> this has been a modified version of 9 news now at 6:00 but we are so glad you joined us. derek will fill you in on the day's news in a couple of minutes on the other side of the break. he's going to come in for 9 news now at 7. have a great weekend an we hope to see you at or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand p
in culpeper. 54 in herndon. 58 in prince frederick. a lot of sunshine today. a few scattered clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. the average high is 80 degrees. we will have a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. clearing skies. constable again. -- comfortable. chance of showers by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. not expecting much. now to lisa baden. >>> good commuter a roundabout way. overnight construction in virginia on the beltway is gone. looks good on the dulles toll gaway. noaa troubles in virginia. headlights northbound headed to springfield. red is southbound on the way to richmond. a local all the way to clinton in the right lane. quiet across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, d.c. will have a new mayor. 90% of 36 reporting, council chair vincent gray has defeated incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. gray came out here early this morning to declare victory. fenty's spokesman says he will concede the race. the primary victory in almost guarantees the results for greg. >> what is next for the new nominee
to culpeper. where you see the yellow and the red here is the heaviest of rain moving south to north just like it was yesterday. moving into marshall, virginia. otherwise, a few spotty showers. even charlestown. here is the forecast for today. temperatures are near 70 degrees. rising into the low 80's this afternoon. the morning rain will come to an end and we'll have sunshine by lunchtime and into the afternoon. southwesterly at 10-15. another chance of what could be very heavy rain wednesday night through thursday. >> the george washington parkway southbound after 123, a deer just ran out in the roadway so be very careful if you're going to leave in the next 10-15 minutes. lingering road work on the beltway. traffic has to stay to the left. we'll take you to a live picture of traffic on the beltway in greenbelt, maryland. i saw that car on my way in broken down waiting for help to arrive. >> ok, lisa. thank you. 4:32 is your time on this tuesday. more rain moves through d.c. region. the storms that moved through last night did leave behind some damage. a tree fell on to the street at massach
. 68 in frederick. 70 and culpeper. herndon, 69. total sunshine again today. it will feel like the past couple days, 95 degrees. the inequality is down a notch to code orange for this afternoon. sunny and hot again tomorrow, a few degrees cooler, low 90's. -now to lisa baden. >>> the construction on the hot lanes project is complete for the morning. if everything is open between the american legion bridge and the springfield exit. looks good on 66 and 95 in virginia. 95 maryland, lingering goldwork, but it will not get anything to your travel. leaving the beltway and southbound into colombia, still getting the green light even with the lingering construction. no issues on the green lettuce, a total, 66, 270. back to you. >> thank you. >>> getting ready for hurricane earl, the category 4 is not expected to make landfall in the u.s., but state leaders are not taking chances. watches and warnings are in effect up and down the east coast. >> de virginia a's government will declare an emergency so that local agencies can be ready photograph happens. courtney robinson has the latest. >> many
in winchester and culpeper. 70 in southern maryland. 66 tap hahnic temperature is down to 5959 hay market. 55 in sterlings g. leesburg is 53. 7 this morning in alexandria. national checks in with 68. mainly clear. south winds at 10 and humidity at 70%. we're going to hope for is that some of the moisture that went through chicago last night, ahead of a front, some of it can make its way towards us but this front, the high pressure on top of us is going to keep us in the hot stuff for the next three afternoon and by the weekend that's when things change. here's your seven-day forecast. 90 today and tomorrow. again, that chance of the afternoon storm, 11:00 tonight that's the autumnal equinox. fall begins astronomically. there's a slight chance a shower friday night but later on sunday into monday morning and on tuesday we'll cooldown. have a chance for an occasional shower with temperatures in the 70s for the most part. angie? >>> we're having some technical problems. we're sorry for that. in this morning's living well headlines congress holds a hearing today into a recent salmonella outbreak
. it happened toward culpeper, rappahanock and culpeper an you can see the heavy rains through bealeton approaching warrenton and it is moving to 86. on the we computer, we will talk about the fact we have a lot of showers and thunderstorms out there. but they are not everywhere. so over the next several hours it will be the worst of it. past 8:00 the flood watch will have expired. it covers the metro reonuntil 8 a.m. we start at 72. upper 60s out there. a warm day today. i'm expecting high temperatures to make it to the upper 70 if not low to mid-80s with sunshine. more rain by thursday. >> talking about wanting all the rain and finally we got it. can't complain. we need it. hope you are off to a great tuesday. right now, pretty much math sailing out there. i like it. 95 an the bw parkway is okay to the beltway. construction free out of frederick and looks nice an quiet on 86 eastbound past the fairfax county parkway. you want to watch that little spray on the roadway this morning. andrea, over to you. >>> audio man, cue the scary music, ufos are out there an trying to tell us somethin
and we're falling down. 66 in frederick, maryland. down towards culpeper, virginia 64 degrees and clinton, maryland coming in at 68. tomorrow the bus, hopefully making its way towards the bus stop. 56 to 65 degrees as everybody, a lot of you are heading back to school. my complete forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>> thanks, doug. >>> today was not a day off for candidates for d.c. mayor with the primary nearly a week way now. council chairman vincent gray has a lead over incumbent mayor adrian fenty. gray spent this labor day encouraging supporters to vote early. mayor fenty did the same after enlisting the help of school chancellor michelle rhee. 9,000 people voted in the first week. >>> president obama chose labor day to unveil a long term jobs program. the president made appearance at labor fest in milwaukee. he detailed a $50 billion program intended to improve the nationing transportation system and create thousands of new jobs. >> we're going rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads. that's enough to circle the world six times. that's a lot of road. we're going to lay and maintai
toward culpeper, convicts near zero in spots. talking about visibilities, culpeper zero, orange a quarter mile. hagerstown a quarter mile. our temperatures right now in the 50s an 80s this morning. we're at 83 an cooler temperatures allow the air to con dnc. looking at the day at a glance, upper 60s by 9:00. mostly sunny skies with highs in the low 80s and code green air quality. pat pat, good morning to you. >> good morning, we are nice and quiet out on the roadways. check out 95 southbound. construction to look out for on 32. three lanes taken away but other than that clear on the beltway. a live shot here. nice there, as well. roadwork at falls road and in virginia 86 eastbound, no problems reported. >>> shock and outrage in adams morgan after police shot a dog on a leash. the incident unfolded as thousands packed the streets for the adams morgan festival. there is major disagreement as to what happened between the police and the talk's owner. >> as thousands walked past, metropolitan police investigated an active crime scene but what transpired here has some residents stunned and horr
. partly sunny. very nice hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester, mid to upper 70s. culpeper 81. warrenton, manassas, around 79. 81 at andrews. low 80s down towards southern maryland and in the 70s for annapolis. there is a small craft advisory for the bay and the tidal potomac for saturday for these winds. winds west northwest 10-20. waves 10-12 feet on the bay. a bright day. boaters need to be aware of that. by sunday winds will calm down somewhat. high temps near 80. waves close to two feet. probably closer to one foot. if you're going to the beaches, a great weekend except for the residual rip current. so keep that in mind. it's going to still be a little tricky. try to swim with a lifeguard at the beach if you can. little brisk. winds out of the north at 10-15. winds will calm down on sunday at about ten. i think the rips will calm down too by sunday as well. our next seven days, just spectacular tomorrow. 80. nice on sunday, 79. a little warmer for labor day, 86. look at the temperatures. low tomorrow 58. that is downtown. low on sunday night 60. that is downtown. we're talking sweat
in most is spots. 83, d.c. and gaithersburg; 87, fredericksberg and culpeper, 84 and closer to water. it's mostly clear skies for us and where are the showers? they're associated with frontal system. the bulk is with an area of low pressure and going to mess us. we're going to stay fairly dry with interruption and enough to wet the ground in terms of the showers tomorrow night. for this hour, we see clear skies and that is continueing with the leave night and start with showers tomorrow, around late day, 86 degrees and breezy out of a warmer direction, too. notice the south-southwest breeze and you will notice tomorrow's temperatures in the mid-80s, unlike today with the lower humidity and that will climb a bit and we'll be 81 by the noon hour and we'll show you this time tomorrow evening and we think that we will see showers to the west with a frontal system pressing toward us in eastern ohio. through the leave night to 11:00, we still haven't seen much in this area and there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder. by friday, seven a.m., though, the front is on top of us and most of th
towards culpeper and a few showers west of the blue ridge. that's just a tip of the rain shield that is coming in our direction. steadier showers now already moving into southeastern virgia. that is all lting northbod, so we have rain in fact forecast overnight. that's going to be a pretty good patch of moderate rain matonigh. could be a slow go on the way to work and school tomorrow morning. that just opens the floodgates to an enormous amount of rain we're going to have. there's the area of upper level low pressure diving down towards the south. it's going toring heavy rain through here tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night anmaybe a chance for severe weather tuesday. rainfall amounts, one to as much as three inches. rain showers moving in. rain increasing after midnight. the exteed forecast calls for rain tomorrow. thunderstorms on tuesday. a break in the action wednesday. we're going to have the watch the tropics. a little something may be tying to for in the gulf of mexico. if it races up the east coast, it will bring us a rain chance thursday and friday. >> all right. thanks.
, kentucky, you can see it in hd, 87. locally culpeper is up to 90. petersburg at 91 for a couple of hours. we have lower 80s around the bay. easton, cambridge and annapolis at 82. tappahannock, inland, 88 along with fredericksburg. 84 leesburg. gaithersburg 82 and here in washington a really nice warm 83 degrees. a little breeze out of the south at 13 and relative humidity is down to 51%. and with the dryness we have had going on, if you do any open burning there's no red flag warnings but keep that in mind. i want to take you to texas. this is tropical storm hermine. had a tornado watch issued with that. look at how quickly this thing is moving. look at the showers and storms with it. another low through the northern and western lakes. that has given some chilly temperatures to parts of the up but around here this line, that is a cold front that we are watching moving south and east. that will give us nice weather for thursday and friday. we will pit the future cast in motion and you can see the front by tonight. 1:00 getting to pittsburgh and buffalo and cincinnati. tomorrow that front
cumberland. 76 -- excuse me, 72 oakland. 76 cumberland. 83 culpeper. breezy for the mountain answer the coast. 82 or so downtown. 80 for annapolis. small craft advisory for the bay an tidal potomac. 82 tomorrow. 80 on wednesday. showers are possible on friday an showers could linger in to saturday but not a huge deal and sunday is nice. the skins are at home again and you can watch it here on channel 9 and then warmer air next monday the mid-80s. >>> the skins made us wait for it, wait for it but then they opened with a win. >> they won without an offensive touchdown which is rare in the nfl but a win unless. for the moment everyone in the building thought they lost the game and then a last-second reprieve from the executioner. the redskins react to the bizarre finish. and plus, another tantrum from haynesworth. see his latest mast piece. nine sports. transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we suppor
culpeper. 80 warrenton and partly cloudy skies and breezy from the mountains to the cost. downtown low 80s. low 80s at andrews. 80 or so in annapolis and because of the winds small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days, 82 tomorrow, nice. 80 on wednesday, very nice. showers come in on thursday. not a washout but actually welcome showers. showers codling other friday and saturday, partly cloudy with showers. temperatures around 80. the good news we clear out on sunday because we are home again. another heart attack i will have on sunday. you can watch it here on channel 9. >> i have to try next week to not yell so much. >> i yelled so now. >> because now my voice sounds like this. >>> if you want to see the conclusion of theist open minutes championship turn over to espn two no later than 730. the match is currently in a rain delay. >>> from our weird news file, what did you think of lady gaga's dress last night? it say this it was delicious. to the music video awards where she picked up the video award of the year award. it looks like it is made out of raw meat. eve
in winchester and orange. culpeper 75. fog was dense in manassas, they are sunny and 77. along the bay it is cooler, around 70. bay temperatures are coming down and that is dragging down the temperatures with it. dew point at 61. the winds will turn to the west as we go throughout the afternoon and pick up. pressure 30.02 and that is going to fall a bit. one disturbance passing to the north. this is why we are concerned that in new york, flushing meadow could have a passing shower for the tennis match this afternoon. in the meantime, the high pressure is in tennessee. i don't know what it is do. it is in tennessee. winds are west ahead of it and we will see a front come down or an upper air disturbance. either way the next system is weak as it comes through on tuesday night in to wednesday morning with showers mainly knot of us. a couple of clouds is all we can expect. the next system, you see it back here, that one is coming in late thursday in to friday morning. that will be the next best chance of showers. check this out. this is igor, well out in the atlantic here moving to the mos
to baltimore. and easton at 79, down toward the pax river naval air station, 87. and culpeper still warm at 84 degrees this evening. right into the 9 future cast. here is the south winds that pick up on tuesday. again, it might bring a touch of humidity back into the forecast. you'll notice the temperatures near 90 in many cases. wednesday here is the front coming through. our 9 future cast shows by 8:00 maybe a sprinkle to a shower. i think it's as late as mid morning. 10:00 or 11:00. but the cold front will pass through and we get some strong winds and that lusher in the cooler, drier air as we head into the weekend. you'll see it in the seven-day forecast. might hit 90 degrees in a couple of places. college park, maryland. don't think that's out of the question. even down toward arlington on the virginia side. even falls church area. 87 wednesday as i think cooler air with the front passing through in the morning, there are the mild temperatures into the weekend. lows into the 50s in many cases too. outer suburbs will be into the 40s. saturday maybe a chance of rain into the outlook. i'm ke
potomac. zone forecast, you're in the 70s in oakland, but in the 80s in cumberland. 89 in culpeper. a little better chance of a storm towards martinsburg. etch there, it will be few and far between. 88 downtown. 86 in annapolis and small craft advisory in effect. next seven days, upper 80s tomorrow, 90 on thursday and friday. 81 on saturday. nice, maybe a sprinkle on sunday. not a huge deal. then we are back up to 80 on monday and bruce, tuesday, you know, some showers and thunderstorms possible. probably the best chance of storms will be tuesday of the next seven days. >> we need the water. we need the water. >> we need the rain for the vegetation and the soil is some kind of dry. >> thanks a lot. here's one straight out of derek's weird news file. police bust up a drug ring in columbia and make this odd arrest seriously. the parrot told people to run once police started their raid. now he is facing charges of aiding and abetting drug traffickers and he's not alone. columbian police have been given more than a thousand birds that were trained to be lookouts from one city known
-tieing 93 and 89 degrees at bwi marshal and around the region, still finding monasses at 91. culpeper and fredericksburg, 95; frederick, you're at 90 and winchester at 89. again, the humidity is not out of control and that cooler air close by. new york city, 74; bing hampton, 73 and that did not make it through last night. another one is coming through the west. we had a couple of showers fire up in the mountains and nothing of significance and no hailers. i thank is it for tonight. there is more shower and thunderstorm activity on the radar and looking to the midwest. an area of low pressure with the frontal system attached and trying to come through the area of high pressure and won't make it for tonight and relief is coming. an evening spotty shower and an isolated thunderstorm and radar is a clean sweep right now and another mild overnight expected at 71 degrees and on friday, get ready for record height heat and tieing that and that is our 66th day for this year and that is a hot and sunny one. you will notice that humidity. a bit of a scorcher to the end of the week with hot and
, western maryland through areas of western loudoun county, faulkier county, rappahanock, culpeper, orange, to the south extreme drought. that's bad news. ask any farmer that lives out there. the corn is shot. the next three days no chance of rain but it is refreshing. sunshine 79. we hit 96 yesterday. now the forecast calls for winds to diminish tonight. that's good news but 40sin the suburbs. 57 overnight. tomorrow another delightful day. winds most and that means more of the same. hermine moved from the texas area with the flooding in to the missouri valley. we will watch this because our best chance of rain is on sunday. the best chance of timing is overnight saturday in to sunday maybe get it out of here before kickoff at fedex field. good news there. we will watch this as it makes its way here. until then, here's the seven- day forecast. i like it. nothing says autumn like football and frost advisories. the frost advisory may have to wait another week or two but the terps have an open atlantic game at their home. that's on saturday. looks good there. and of course cowboys are in town
. and warm 90 in culpeper. and most of us dropping into the 80s and 70s. and the winds picking up, 10-15 miles per hour tomorrow. might be a touch of humidity notice coming back in. here is the front here in the mid morning. 8:00 is when our future cast shows that to arrive. there might be a passing shower. slightest chance. most likely a bank of clouds. not bad by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a west to northwest breeze picking up and cooler air rushing into thursday and into next weekend. highs in the 70s, lows into the 50s. that's for the district. outer suburbs will be pushing into the 40s for a low for that time. and we could bring showers in as soon as saturday. i'm keeping them out. i think an isolated storm toward the end of next weekend and starting off next week. but the unofficial end of summer and we'll feel like it once we get to the end of the week. >> thanks, devon. >>> had some friends that headed out to the crab bowl and not to eat. >> no. maryland and navy. it would be nice if they gave the winner a bushel full of crabs. it's the renewal of a great rivalry that i
at culpeper, almost 100 today down into virginia for the last day of summer. our radar shows clearing out, weather out in far western maryland is not going to make it in here in any significant way, you can see the line of showers and storms they're tracking along a boundary north and west of baltimore. this boundary is not going to come through. i think it's going to retreat northward and that's going to allow the hot humid air to keep flowing in out of the south and keep temperatures way above average by that 15, 20 degrees. our forecast model clear and sunny tomorrow and into the day on friday, another clear sunny day with a south wind and no fresh cool air coming in. it's a summer scenario for the first couple of days after fall. what can i say? sometimes that happens. tomorrow, first full day of fall, and mostly sunny. but not fall-like at 88 degrees. tomorrow night, down to 67 or so with a few clouds. when can we expect more autumn-like weather? not really until sunday. that's our big abc 2 extreme makeover sunday night but the bottom line is we have a couple of hot days to get thro
clain , an inch and a half and winchester, 1.26 and boston, down in culpeper county and had 3.17, i believe and this is going to come from there. a new tropical depression that formed in the can ab-- caribbean and that is going to pull the leftover moisture from tropical storm matthew and bring big rains to the area on thursday and that will get going about this time from south to north and there is going to be heavy rain with that and once it's out of here, a cooler and drier weekend and the coolest air with temperatures in the 60s and the storm is pulling away to the north and the heavy rain continuing funneling along the del marva earlier and the next batch is going to get its act together here. i want to mention wilmington north carolina, had 10 inches of rain yesterday and the second greatest rain total ever and that was not tropical. we have what we think is going to be more of a tropical depression getting going down here and while you don't see much in terms of the radar, that is because we don't have the systems down there and the caribbean is loa
there again tomorrow. probably the upper 80s, gaithersburg at 88 degrees and annapolis, 83. culpeper, oh, still hanging in there with that 95 degrees and monasses, 91. across the country, though, i want you to see the cooler air coming. we're still hot here and had some of the hottest temperatures in the nation today. international falls current temperature, 54 degrees. fargo, 60; lincoln, nebraska, 78 degrees; chicago, 74 and great falls, 69. so, here come ours front. it will be coming to our area tomorrow morning. we're checking our max hd satellite and radar and finding a few showers along and when it comes across the mountains, we think it's not going to hang on to much of that moisture. i'll tell you where there is a lot of most our and here it is, central texas. the tropical storm hermine is, in fact, still a tropical storm and that is not too far from austin, texas. we have had rainfall rates of two to five inches here and it's moving fast enough to the north-northwest at 18 and there has been some flooding. but not as bad as it could have been and this area is very drought-strick
in gaithersburg; 72, hagerstown; 82, culpeper and 75 in winchester. d.c., again, dropping to 79 degrees and it's going to be a comfortable night. lots of cool air to drain in from the north and with the air incredibly dry, we continue to remain under this high fire danger. no red flag warning was issued today. binghampton is 55 degrees and they have to be scrambling to find the jackets up there. meanwhile, it's warm in raleigh, 88 degrees. the cooler air hasn't gotten there yet and enjoy tonight, open the windows. martinsburg, how about 49 degrees for you? warrenton down to 52 degrees and leonardtown, 56 and baltimore dropping to 60 degrees. d.c. will be right around 58 to 60 degrees under clear skies and those definite cool temperatures, a breeze remaining. it's been pretty persistent out of the northwest at 10 to 15 and we'll see it overnight and, again tomorrow. friday looks like today and still on the breezy side about 78 degrees. a beautiful day for us. mild and breezy. early on, we'll find temperatures in the 50s. the kids may need that that jacket for school. by noon, 72 and by 4:00, 75
tonight, oakland. 74 in couple we are land with -- cumberland with sunshine. and culpeper will make 81 or so but warrenton, manassas and leesberg, great falls probably holding in the upper 70s. downtown, 80 tomorrow with sunshine. 79 by the water, no wind to speak of so it's below small craft advisory criteria. 80 tomorrow, 87 on wednesday. and kind of hot, near 90 on thursday and friday. some storms are possible wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon and maybe a shower late friday. should not interfere with high school football though. and then nice weekend. cooler and low 80s on saturday and back into the upper 70s on sunday and monday. >>> skin fans are a little baffled today. >> the start of the game was great, the defense not so much and the end of the game was a -- one name stands out. 500. that's how many passing yards they gave up. and one guy is taking it back in his own hands. >>> and the mri is back on haynesworth's knee. we'll be back with that in a moment. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use o
not expecting much weather with the front. few spots 94 like culpeper. tappahannock, 93 if not 95. quickly in the tropics i want to show you this is developing potentially in to matthew over the next couple of days. honduras, belize will be the most likely path for this. the seven-day forecast before we go outside for pet line thursday, got 91 today. 94 tomorrow. again, a stray storm can't be ruled out. as we head over to the weekend, temperatures will drop off nicely. saturday 80. sunday 70s and then next week we have chances of spotty showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday as we have readings that will be in a much more fall-like, close to fall like any way. it is thursday at 9:00 and time for pet line nine and linda from the washington humane society is joining me here. and 0 who is this cute cat. >> this is jackson. >> hi, jackson. he likes to be rubbed. >> he loves to be petted. >> tell me about jackson. >> he is ten years old and a pretty big boy at 18-pounds and originally adopted from the georgia shelter ten years ago. >> got him back then? >> yeah. unfortunately. after ten years th
.m. covers everybody. 46 oakland. 50 cumberland. winchester is 52. culpeper 55. southern maryland, eastern shore low to mid-60s right now. gaithersburg is 54 an here in washington we have a coolish 53. partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. northernly winds. big difference in what we had yesterday. we had gusty winds from the southwest. what we are watching a quiet western part of the country. yesterday's storm is up there. we go down to the tropics to cuba. there is a tropical depression about here. tough to tell on the radars, but look at the moisture. you see the steady stream of moisture from the tropics through the carolinas where it is raining this morning? that moisture is lifting to the north and we think some of it will be here late today and a lot of it tonight in to tomorrow. what we are looking at here on the 9 future cast is the moisture coming up, trying to make it. not doing a great job penetrating the drier air. but at 6:00 you are going to the carolinas it will be wet. southern virginia rains developing. overnight, this stuff surges northward. if this track is farther ea
of rain, seven inches locally. we'll give you some totals. over 5 inches in culpeper. 2.5 downtown. 5 inches in cambridge and 4- inches in easton. so this is going to be an event across the metro area and up into new england, believe it or not. next seven days, upper 70s tomorrow. heavy rain. the heaviest rain will be in the morning and clearing out on friday and the coolest air of the season rolls in on saturday, sunday and monday. 9 news now continues right after this. stay tuned. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on
in culpeper with upwards of three in washington. if the bands move a little bit the totals will move. this is a computer projection. don't focus on exacts right now but get the picture there is a lot of possible of heavy rainfall. we clear out friday afternoon and the week looks so much better as temperatures drop in the 60s -- low 60s by sunday. we will be in the kitchen in a moment when 9 news now at noon >>> a few years ago, jj deli in herndon topped channel 9's a list for barbecue. i wish you could smell it in here. we have the owner with us. >>> we are getting ready for philadelphia on sunday. i wish you could smell it in here. if we are tailgating, there are potential health risks to tell us about and give us tips to avoid them. >> slaughtly. the worst thing that can happen to you on game day is that you get a case of food poisoning or cross contamination. the number one cause of this. people get there. they have a cooler full of bratwurst and chicken and sal lammies. they grab a chicken, put it on the grill. wipe a hand on a paper towel and grab a hot dog and then the bacteria
devon lucie with a quick look at the forecast. culpeper near 80. stuck in the upper 60s in gaitherburg. in the 70s before long with bright sunshine here today one or two clouds we have them around 10:00. a few more clouds in to saturday, too but a bright sunny day for the most part. clouds late in the day and sunday morning early we get showers to arrive. much-needed rain showers coming in. i think the rain is in here and then out of here by the noon hour. sunshine noon and beyond should get us in to the lower to mid- 70s. cooler day and cooler rain. by the time you get to the afternoon, by the time land and parking lots still up tailgating is looking fine. look out for the morning rain if you have planned church services or congregational services like that you have to be prepared. sunshine late in the day. the next two are perfect. 77 for the high today. a little cool with a breeze from the northwest. 10 to 15 miles an hour but not as strong as yesterday and the high fire danger a little less but very dry out there. be careful. saturday again, sunshine up to 78, 79, almost the 80-deg
. in the 50's for the most part, especially in the outlying areas. culpeper at 50. this is your forecast. mostly sunny skies today. high temperatures in the upper 70's. about a 20-degree temperature drop compared to what we had yesterday. noticeably more comfortable and cool today. by sunday, we still have a chance of showers. we really could just use a rainy day or two around here. doesn't look like we'll get that. the frontal system moves through on sunday. traffic coming up. >> heads up on the baltimore washington parkway right around here in landover, there is a broken down vehicle inside the beltway southbound on the b.w. parkway close to prince george's hospital. this is live from the geico county, seeing a -- camera seeing a little more action. left side of the screen, delays. a steady pace here springfield and open all the way to the pentagon. metro rail first trains out on normal service. >> metro plans to shut down two stations for the columbus day holiday. the yours last from saturday october 8 at 10:00 p.m. until the following tuesday. free shuttle buses will be available to
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